Best Plants for Mini Farming


When starting your mini farm garden, you will want to make sure that you are finding the best plants that will fit into a small space. There are so many vegetable and fruit plants that you can choose from, but some will take a lot of space and makes your garden very inefficient. This chapter is going to spend some time talking about the best plants that you can add into your small garden so you can feed your family even on a limited space.


 The first plant that you should consider is tomatoes. There are a lot of great tomato varieties that you can go with from the traditional juicy tomatoes that are often seen in gardens and even little cherry tomatoes that will do well as vines and can go up your fence or trellis if you’re really short on room. You will need to consider whether you would like to have the indeterminate or determinate variety. The indeterminate variety can often get to four feet and will spread out to three feet, making them really big and hard for your garden to handle. For the mini farm with limited space, it is better to go with the determinate variety that will often stay around 2 feet or less.

 Bush Beans

 Wax or green beans will actually grow really well in a small space, especially when added into the ground with some of the other produce listed in this chapter. You should plant them in areas that are about a square foot and then have them planted between 2 and 4 inches apart in every direction. This means that you should be able to fit around six feet of beans in one square foot. Once you have harvested the beans, you should have enough time to get in another crop in the exact same area that year so you are getting a lot of great produce that year.


 The traditional cucumbers are really viney and take up a lot of space in your garden. You may be wondering how these are going to work for such a small space. In reality, the traditional cucumbers are not a good idea if you’re looking to save space unless you have a fence or a trellis that you can use in order to keep them all in their places. Luckily, there are bush variety of cucumbers that you can use that will take up very limited amount of space while still producing a crisp vegetable that you will love. You will find that just two or three of these bush cucumbers will be enough for the whole family and they barely take up any space at all. While the taste may be a little bit different compared to what you enjoyed with the typical cucumber plants, these can save some room and you are going to be impressed by the fresh taste and ease of growing these plants.


 Greens are so healthy for the whole body and can provide you with all of the great nutrition that your body needs to stay healthy. The best greens to add to your garden are all of those that you may want to consider for a salad. Options like beets, Swiss chard, and spinach won’t take up that much space in a small space. You will be able to choose to grow the greens by the square foot or in wide rows so it will work well no matter how you decide to set up your garden. When the plant starts to become too thick and is taking over the rest of the garden, it is time for you to clip some off and eat it so it’s the perfect plant to keep on growing, won’t take up space, and will provide you with food all season long.

 Salad greens such as radish, salad greens, and lettuce are good for small areas as well. You can plant them in many different ways and they are going to mature really quickly so you can easily get a few crops into the season. You can either choose to clip off the ends and eat through the season or just replant and have a fresh new crop at any time. You can also tuck these into the rows between other plants, such as your cucumber and tomato plants, and not have to worry about it as much.

 Other Fruits and Vegetables

 While the products listed above may be some of the best to use in your mini farm because they can produce a lot of great food in a limited amount of space, that does not mean that you are not allowed to use some of your other favorite fruits and vegetables in the garden. Anything can work, from peas to beans to pumpkins, watermelon, strawberries and more. The whole point here is to ensure that you are coming up with the proper plan to make sure everything is going to fit in just one area.

 You may have to get creative here. Some of your options, such as pumpkins and watermelon, can take up a lot of space in a garden and could limit how much you are going to be able to produce in that area. But if you try out a few ideas, such as caging in watermelon and pumpkins so they are only allowed to grow in a more limited amount of space and you choose to grow beans and other lengthy plants on trellises, you may be able to get everything to fit in one small area, even though some of the plants take up more space.

 Nothing is off limits when it comes to your mini farm and the great garden that you can produce. The important thing is to just become aware of how much space that you will have to work with and try to use it as efficiently as possible. This can take a little preplanning and practice, but you are sure to get it all figured out for one of the best farms possible.


 Herbs are often forgotten when it comes to planting your mini farm, but they are going to do a great job for so many things. You will be able to grow herbs o help with many homemade remedies and even to add to your cooking each day for some extra flavor. These herbs don’t take up much space and will do an amazing job in any garden. In fact, most herbs do not need a lot of sun either so tucking them into the rows between some of your favorite vegetables and fruits can really help to fit more into a limited space while still getting a lot of produce out of the process.

 These are just some of the ideas that you can go with when it comes to creating your mini farm. There are so many fresh fruits and vegetables that you can go with and pretty much anything is going to work in the garden, as long as you plan things out and use some of the suggestions in the chapter above to utilize the space better. Whether you would like a garden full of fruits or one full of vegetables, you will be able to make a lot of things work as long as you plan it out and use the space that you have available.



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