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Raising Chickens in the Backyard

Have you ever dreamed about being self-sufficient and being able to take care of your own needs from your backyard? Do you like the idea of fresh eggs in the morning, being in control of some of your food supply, or even to have a chance to work on 4H projects and other big events? Raising chickens in the backyard may be the answer that you need to make all of this and more occur without having to leave your home.

Raising chickens in the backyard can be an affordable way to help take care of your family. While chicken and eggs can be really expensive at the traditional grocery store, they can be really affordable to raise in the back. With a simple coop and some attention, the chickens can often thrive and provide you with everything that you need. Add on a nice learning experience for the kids, and you are going to have everything that you need for a good family bonding experience.

Benefits of Raising Chickens in the Backyard

You may be surprised at the amount of benefits that you can enjoy when you choose to do backyard chicken raising. First, chickens are kind of funny to watch as they grow up. There are many varieties that you have to choose from, as well as colors and shapes, and many of them have some quirky behaviors. This could be the way to get your family away from the computer and television screens and to get outside.

Raising chickens in the backyard can be pretty simple. You need to make them a safe home to live in, make sure that they don’t get sick, and give them the proper food. In many cases, the chickens are going to be able to eat their own foods such as pests, grasshoppers, and ticks so you can clear out some of these issues in the backyard without obsessing about how much food you are feeding them.

Many families choose to raise chickens in order to get all of the great fresh eggs right away. These eggs are amazing, with no more pale yolks or water whites. These eggs are lower in cholesterol as well as higher in many vitamins and the omega-3 fatty acids to help you keep healthier.

But one of the best reasons to choose to go with backyard chickens is because of the family bond that they can include into your family. The family will need to work together to get the chickens all set up and to help feed them. Children can learn a lot about responsibility when you let them help with raising the chickens. It can be time spent together rather than sitting in front of a screen all day!

Getting Started

 Raising chickens in the backyard is a simple process. You will need to follow just a few steps and you can start raising those chickens in no time.

  • Decide on the breed of chicken that you would like to have. There are many different options and some are going to do better in certain areas while others may not.
  • Be careful with the temperament of the different birds and the level of care so take some time to look through the different options.
  • Pick out a place for your chickens to grow up. It needs to have some room for the amount of chickens that you would like to keep in your backyard, room for the coop, and even some room for the chickens to move freely.
  • Get the coop all set up. You may choose to build your own coop, which allows you to specialize it to your space and tastes a bit more, or you can choose to go with one that is already made to save a bit of time.
  • Picking out the right food for your chickens. It is a good idea to keep around some high quality chicken feed to make things easier and help your chickens to get all the nutrition that they need. But keep in mind that the chickens are going to enjoy the pests in your backyard as a nice treat, so you won’t have to worry as much about feeding a ton of food.

Final considerations

Grooming, taking time to make a comfortable place for the chickens, and even taking care of their medical needs can all be important parts of the whole chicken raising process. You will need to learn what your chickens will need to ensure that they stay healthy and are getting all the care that they need.

Compared to the amount of benefits that you can get when raising chickens in the backyard so you can understand the relatively amount of work that you will need to do with them. Chickens can often be one of the best animals to add into your personal life.