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Strategies to Take Care of Weeds

What to do to take care of weeds is one of the most interesting and important question that farmers ask. Weeds are a pain for numerous reasons. Weeds can take over the garden or any crop very quickly and you will have to keep up on them all of the time. Otherwise you will have to phase a reduction in the production, and that means money, they say.

First of all, let’s discuss about what weeds can do and cause in a variety of aspects:

1. Nutritional value:

The biggest issue with weeds is that they usually take up a lot of nutritional value, this means, the nutrient content in the soil will decrease dramatically. Your plants and the weeds will have to compete for all of the nutrients that the soil has, and unfortunately, some weeds are very persistent and stronger.

2. Quantity and Quality:

As per reduction of the soil nutrients, plants will grow weak. This is one of the biggest nightmares that a farmer could face. This not only has an effect on the farmers, also the consumers (increasing prices due to low stock of good quality products) and the industry. 

3. Impact to the Environment:

Last but not least, weeds population could change the natural diversity and the balance of ecological and native communities. These changes could have a very high impact on the survival of many plants and animals (dependent of plants) as the weeds compete with native plants for area, sunlight and finally, nutrients.

Now, let’s discuss about what to do to take care of weeds:

1. Identify the type of weeds present

Identifying what type of weeds are present in you soil is crucial. This step is very important to consider, as you need to know what would be the best technique to apply, without affecting you own plants.

2. Choosing the right technique:

There are different techniques that can be apply to take care of weeds. Usually, people like to get the more drastic techniques (such as use of chemicals), which could be not wise. Chemicals have been used for years to take care of weeds and have been effective, however there is more cons than pros. Chemicals can be absorbed by plants and, if you following the food chain, this means absorbed by the human body. Worst that this, chemical can reach the potable water sources, which eventually will affect also the environment.

3. Constant controls:

You should check on the garden at least a few times each week, seeing how well the plants are growing, checking if there are issues with pests, and then to also see if the weeds are starting to sprout up. If you start to notice that there are weeds all over the place, take care of them right away, naturally if possible (click here to know how to take care of weeds, naturally). You can pull them out at the roots, use a safe weed remover, or any other method, just make sure to take care of them right away.

Take care of weeds

Take care of weeds could seem like a big task, but if you just take the time it won’t be so bad. Pick out the right soil and check on the pH levels from the beginning, learn how to find all natural ways to keep pests away, and keep up on those weeds and you are going to have the best mini farming garden that you could ask for.