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Tiny self sufficient homes: the new movement

The tiny home movement has taken the world. In the wake of the current housing industry getting incredibly hard to deal with, high prices and houses are too big for most people to deal with, and the fact, that most people are hard on the environment with their housing choices, many people are starting to turn to a new solution. That solution is tiny self sufficient homes.

Tiny homes are a great idea to make some changes. These homes come in under 400 square feet, making just enough room for you to have yourself and a few other people. With the average American house over 2000 square feet, this is a bit smaller than what most people are used to. But the idea is to just use the required space that is needed while saving money on the home.

Moving into a small home is not always the easiest thing to do. People are used to have a lot of space, usually not having idea of how to live in such limited space. Through this article, you will find how to take advantage of limited spaces without sacrificing comfort.

Many people dream of owning their own house someday. They may have dreams of going for one of the biggest homes that they can find, choosing to go as far as their budge can fly. This is the American dream, to be able to keep up and really enjoy life. It has been the way for years and the fact that there are millions of huge house all across the country is a testament to this fact.

There is a growing trend that is going the other way. Some people are seeing the folly of owning a big house. Most people don’t need that much space and the overall cost of them can be outrageous. Add on the fact that the housing market rates keep going up, and you either end up with a mortgage you just can’t afford or a house that is just too big to handle.

Deciding on the tiny self sufficient homes:

There are many people who are choosing to go with the tiny self sufficient homes. To do this, they have chosen to get into the tiny house movement. It is a great way to protect the environment, to learn how to live with what we have and to even find a house that is affordable.

The movement can be split up into two groups: 1) a tiny house is any under 400 square feet and 2), a small house that provides up to 1000 square feet. It is important to clarify that the space is related to the house size, not the land area. For example, many people who live in tiny houses choose to take advantage of their backyards by gardening their vegetables or providing a space to have some livestock for dairy food.

Either way that you choose, a tiny self sufficient homes is meant to help you be more conscientious with your decisions. This movement is for those who are tired of all the waste that is going on around them and wants a chance to be good to the environment, that want to save money, that feel a big houses are just waste of space and last but not least, that are saving for their first house.

Getting started:

This movement can be tough. There are so many things that you need to change. First, you have to get used to living in a smaller house. The average American house is over 2000 square feet. If you want to do the small home movement, you will need to go down by at least 1000 square feet while the tiny house would be at least 1600 square feet. That is quite a bit of space to get used to.

Each person who decides to go into the tiny house movement is going to have different mindsets about it. Some will start out with the idea that a small house is never a good idea, others may be really excited to finally get a chance to own their first house.

There are many different types of people when it comes to home living. It can be hard to live in such a small space, learning how to live with the bare minimum, and nothing else, that you truly need. For those who are ready for an adventure, who are tired of the way things currently are, and want a bit more freedom with their finances, this could be the right step to take!

It is all about a mindset. It can take some time, but eventually, you are going to learn why having a tiny self sufficient home is a great idea.

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